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IT Staffing

Training & Education
At Sysfore we listen carefully to understand your project needs and build a customized program of relevant training. Sysfore has created thousands of hours of instructor-led training material-material that's designed to accelerate and maximize your team's mastery of development concepts, techniques, and languages. Let us deliver concrete, positive returns on your education investment. Our learning process is convenient and flexible and allows you to focus on the specific skills you/your Teams need to learn.

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Java/J2EE Training Classes
These intensive, hands-on courses explore the features and packages of the Java and J2EE programming language. Developers will be able to immediately apply the material learnt to current projects.

Sysfore courses are geared towards a diverse audience and are suited for both a novice and an advanced Java programmer. Topics include Introduction to Java and J2EE, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Component Architecture, Server-Side Java Programming, Java Server Pages, Servlets, JavaBeans, Swing and more.

Any of the J2EE courses can be taught on the application server of your choice: Web Sphere, WebLogic or others.

We also offer these courses with the IDE of your choice: JBuilder, WSAD, XDE

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XML and Web Services
Sysfore's comprehensive portfolio of XML and Web Services classes take the student through basics of XML, it's syntax, how to use DTDs and XML, all the way to a mastery of the technologies needed to implement web services applications.

The curriculum offers courses designed for both a beginner and advanced level audience and leads students through a number of technology benefits, design and deployment implications.

The courses are built around numerous examples, exercises and case studies where the technologies are not only examined individually, but also on how to effectively combine them for enterprise applications.

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Process & Method Curriculum
Sysfore's Process and Method Methodology curricula offers intensive courses that teach students the techniques to analyze real-world requirements and to design ready-to-code solutions.

These courses span the range of topics - from fundamentals to advanced - Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns, Model Driven Architecture, Requirement Specification and Management, OO Testing, and Unified Process.

Topics covered are designed not only for programmers new to the Object-Oriented methodology but for seasoned OO programmers and architects as well.

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Sysfore's .Net training curriculum is intended for experienced developers and architects who want to learn how to design , build, and deploy effective applications using .NET tools and technologies.

The curriculum covers a wide range of basic and advanced topics such as .NET Architecture Tour, programming in the .NET framework, Application Interoperability, Building ASP.NET applications as well as securing and deploying .NET assemblies.

Courses are available for both a beginner and advanced audience.

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Quality Assurance Training
We offer courses for all your QA needs, whether it is in establishing a process, managing a QA team, or specialized training in HP automation tools like QuickTest Pro, LoadRunner and QualityCenter

Sysfore Technologies has a fully equipped training facility in Atlanta providing the best learning environment. All our instructors are certified professionals and have extensive experience in teaching.

Sysfore also offers custom designed courses to meet your unique demands. We understand the difficulties associated with your employees traveling to our training facility and you can arrange for our instructor to be at your premises teaching your employees from the comfort of their office.

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